Making Vision Stick by Andy Stanley

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Do you have a system for deciding if new initiatives are in line with your organization’s vision?

When your organization decides to roll out a new initiative, a new product, or a new service, it’s much like rolling out a new vision. Somebody has to get up and talk about it. Somebody has to answer these questions; why are we doing this? What problem does this address? How is this new initiative a solution to a problem? Essentially somebody has to get up and cast a compelling vision in order to get everyone energized and involved.
Now as leaders we love all the new stuff, don’t we? A new product, a new service, new initiatives. But in our enthusiasm around a launch we sometimes forget to address the broader question, why? Why are we doing this?


Your Action List:

Consider the “Let’s Build A Bridge” example that Andy discusses. Why was this effective?

What are several ways in which you can inform the public/those around you about your new initiative?

Add your own action items.


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