Making Vision Stick by Andy Stanley

Leadercast Now

Do you have a system for deciding if new initiatives are in line with your organization’s vision?

When your organization decides to roll out a new initiative, a new product, or a new service, it’s much like rolling out a new vision. Somebody has to get up and talk about it. Somebody has to answer these questions; why are we doing this? What problem does this address? How is this new initiative a solution to a problem? Essentially somebody has to get up and cast a compelling vision in order to get everyone energized and involved.
Now as leaders we love all the new stuff, don’t we? A new product, a new service, new initiatives. But in our enthusiasm around a launch we sometimes forget to address the broader question, why? Why are we doing this?


Your Action List:

Consider the “Let’s Build A Bridge” example that Andy discusses. Why was this effective?

What are several ways in which you can inform the public/those around you about your new initiative?

Add your own action items.


Five Bad Apologies by Leaders

Thom S. Rainer
September 7, 2016

Handsome young man giving a bouquet to his cute beloved and aski


I recently found myself having to make an apology for something I had done. Although I had not read this post from Thom Rainer I fortunately did not include any of the following phrases.

Here are five of the really bad ones: 

  1. “If I offended anyone . . .”

  2. “For whatever harm I caused . . .”

  3. “But . . .”

  4. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

  5. Here is what he or she did.

When you do wrong, apologize. When you apologize, do so with sincerity and contrition.

Which is Most Important—Mission, Core Values or Vision?

Michael Hyatt Your Virtual Mentor - Win at Work. Succeed at Life
June 2, 2010

vision, control and self management concept

In his post Michael Hyatt notes that at Thomas Nelson, their core ideology is comprised of four key elements.






Michael suggests too be effective, all four of these should be written down and reviewed periodically to assess y activities against them.

4 Surefire Ways to Get the Most from the Next Conference You Attend

Michael Hyatt - Your Virtual Mentor, Win at Work. Succeed at Life
September 5, 2014

Group Of Business People Listening To A Speech


Recently I have gone to several conferences to include my professional association’s. I have provided a repost of a popular post that I end up sharing prior to each year’s attendance. Today I stumbled on a brief but very helpful post by Michael Hyatt one of my favorite “virtual mentor”.

Here are four of Michael’s suggestions for your next conference.

  1. I play full out.

  2. I suspend disbelief.

  3. I take good notes.

  4. I’m choosy about my company.



Follow the link for more detail.

The Difference Between Trying and Doing

Michael Hyatt Your Virtual Mentor

This morning I was browsing through some of Michael Hyatt’s posts to find one to inspire a group working on renewing within my church. This work is so important that ‘try” cannot be in their vocabulary.

How about initiatives you are working on?



Question: Where have you been trying instead of doing?


Keeping a Diary–A Great Idea for Caregivers
April 22, 2016

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“The art of self-care is sometimes all too easily lost with many caregivers. Those who pour out their time, resources, and hearts caring for someone else often forget to take the time to tend to their own personal needs.

Journaling has been a form of self-care used in many scenarios with promising benefits. Stuckey and Nobel report in The American Journal of Public Health that researchers have concluded that there are both psychological and physical health benefits to expressive writing.

Keeping a diary to express one’s thoughts and feelings is a great idea for both family and professional caregivers to release stress and better cope. Here are some reasons why and tips for getting started.”

  1. Freedom is Found in Journaling 
  2.  Benefits of Journaling 
  3. Ways to Get Started Journaling 


Keeping a Diary–A Great Idea for Caregivers

What Successful People Do On Sunday Night

Business Insider
March 20, 2016

They spend quality time with their families, friends, and significant others.

They plan something fun.

They organize and plan for the week ahead.

They exercise.

They eat something healthy.

They read.

They return calls, emails, and texts.

They unplug.

They relax.

They volunteer.

They reflect.

They end Sunday on a high note.

What Successful People Do On Sunday Night


Are You Investing Your Best Resources in the Wrong People?

Michael Hyatt Your Virtual Mentor - Win at Work. Succeed at Life
August 9, 2012

Check out this link to my favorite mentor, Michael Hyatt.


Here is how to invest your best resources —in your best people. Here’s how:

  1. Acknowledge that your resources are limited.

  2. Become aware of where your resources are going.

  3. End unproductive or unhealthy relationships.

  4. Identify the people you should be investing in.

  5. Schedule time on your calendar to serve these people.


I am sure you will want to start following him.

Ten Good Reasons To Kill Performance Reviews

Forbes / Leadership - Ten Good Reasons To Kill Performance Reviews by Liz Ryan
Feb 29, 2016

Interestingly I am in the process of helping a small not for profit administer a performance review for its senior staff person. With a board who are not that familiar with the process it has been difficult to perform a meaningful review on a timely re-occurring basis. As I worked through the linked post, I find myself thinking maybe we should not be performing one. Are we wasting our time in what can be a non-productive exercise. In here post Liz Ryan shares why that may be true.

Here are ten reasons why:

  1. They Don’t Work

  2. They’re Too Expensive

  3. They’re Not Consistent

  4. They’re Backward-Looking When You Should Be Facing Forward

  5. They Damage Teamwork

  6. They Don’t Document What They’re Supposed to Document

  7. They’re A Solution In Search Of A Problem

  8. They’re Not Necessary To Lead Your Team

  9. They Hurt Your Team’s Momentum

  10. Everyone Hates Them

Click the Link to receive the details behind this statement and a few brief suggestions of how to manage your team without performance reviews. Hopefully it involves as much thought as it did for me.


Link to Ten Good Reasons To Kill Performance Reviews by Liz Ryan

Making the Most of Your Conference Experience

Senior Housing Forum
February 22, 2016

Periodically I have written posts regarding making the most of your time when you go to conferences. One of the blog sites I have forwarded to me each day is the Senior Housing Forum by Steve Moran. I met Steve at last year’s Senior Living Innovation Forum which is hosted by the Influence Group. At this forum which is structure more like a retreat, Steve participated in several panel discussions as moderator. Take a look at “Making the Most of Your NIC Spring Conference Experience” for several ideas he shares regarding attending conferences and getting the most from your time and effort.

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