50 New Year’s Resolutions

Resolve to make 2016 a year of changes in your life

New Year's resolutions

If you are like me, you cannot believe 2015 is almost over. I have to make some major changes in my life in the coming year, needing to do more than some quick New Year’s resolutions that go unkept. I will share the beginnings of re-organizing things in my life very intentionally. In the mean time here is a list of resolutions listed in the local paper that others are considering.

Maybe you can find several in the list below to include in the changes you would like to make in your life.

50 New Year's Resolutions 2016
The Ridgewood News
January 1, 2016


Financial growth

“Competence is like money

that keeps earning interest.

One day you can cash it in

for an even bigger prize.”

No Greatness Without Goodness
Randy Lewis

10 Evolutionary Behaviors


  1. Don’t obsess over risks. Keep your focus on positive outcomes.

  2. Face problems when they are still in seed form.

  3. Be attuned to the group’s needs first and foremost.

  4. Take responsibility for your last bad decision, and then let go.

  5. Don’t blame others or make excesses for yourself.

  6. Be immune to the good or bad opinion of others.

  7. Show confidence in those to whom you delegate authority.

  8. Be generous in giving rather than taking.

  9. Open yourself to every avenue of information and wise counsel.

  10. Promise yourself to tell the truth, particularly when it’s most tempting to lie.

From The Soul Of Leadership by Deepak Choppa




The Soul Of Leadership
Deepak Choppa
Harmony Books

figures of soldier and horses clay


“He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask is a fool forever.”

– Chinese proverb

Leadership Gold, by John C. Maxwell (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2008), Page 233

rank - four star

“Leadership is neither a rank or title. It is a choice. It is a choice to provide care and protection for those for whom we are responsible.”

“I will be this type of leader. I will live for others, not for myself. I will make the lives of those around me better. I will give myself away.”

– Simon Sinok

Leadercast 2014 Journal - Beyound You

awaken, learn, evolve on blackboard


“Let others lead small lives, but not you.

Let others argue over small things, but not you.

Let others cry over small hurts, but not you.

Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you.”


—Jim Rohn

13 Unprofessional Behaviors Real Leaders Should Eliminate

Smiling successful business team standing in office

Thirteen entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) share the worst faux pas they’ve committed while in a position of leadership.

  1. Not listening.

  2. Micromanaging.

  3. Becoming short with my team.

  4. Lacking transparency.

  5. Talking behind someone’s back.

  6. Allowing my ego to get in the way.

  7. Shrugging off difficult clients.

  8. Letting a small issue become a huge issue.

  9. Not taking criticism.

  10. Texting during meetings.

  11. Not scheduling regular meetings.

  12. Bringing up “touchy” subjects.

  13. Not checking in the right way.

13 Unprofessional Behaviors Real Leaders Should Eliminate, It's up to you to set the tone for the rest of your team.
Young Entrepreneur Council
Dec. 21, 2015

Cowboy Values – Heart

Cowboys on the range on a Montana horse ranch



Cowboy Values – Heart

  1. Seeing the good in people.

  2. Seeing the beauty in life.

  3. Finding rewards in giving.

  4. Recognizing our shared humanity.

  5. Feeling at one with nature.

  6. Kindness to all living creatures including ourselves.

Cowboy Values - Recapturing What America Once Stood For
Cowboy Ethics
James P. Owen
Lyons Press
Hardcover / Coffee Table


Running in the country


“What do you mean? Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good on this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

 – JRR Tolkien

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