12 Principles of Great Leadership

Quotes and Tips About Leadership Styles



Over the past four years I have had the privilege of hosting the local simulcast of the annual Leadercast event held in Atlanta Georgia. Bringing the highest level of leadership speaker into my community and essentially into the tri-state (New Jersey, Ney York, and Pennsylvania) area has always been a fulfilling accomplishment.

Leadercast has outlined its approach to leadership in a publication or white paper called “12 Principles of Great Leadership: Quotes and Tips About Leadership Styles”. Here briefly is how they are organized as values or behaviors.

5 Leadership Values

Integrity – Possess honesty and uncompromising morals.

Authenticity – Represent yourself in a genuine nature.

People First – Focus on individuals over numbers.

Excellence – Pursue surpassing ordinary standards.

Discipline – Exercise a commitment to a purpose.

7 Leadership Behaviors

Simplicity – Bring clarity to the complex.

Creativity – Foster an atmosphere that allows others to dream.

Bravery – Take a posture of unrelenting boldness.

Beyond You – Leverage influence for the sake of others.

Insight – Consistently do the wise thing – bring wisdom to every situation.

Vision – Move toward a preferred future with little deviation.

Culture – Be the architect of the conditions to win.


Over the coming months I will include each of these principles in a post. Hopefully you will find it helpful and research each further. Additional resources can be found at www.leadercast.com.

The Soul of Leadership

guru binario


Earlier in the week I had the pleasure of participating in the ENERGYACTIVE2015 Conference and attending the keynote presentation by Deepak Chopra. It was truly one of those special occasions which will not be forgotten. The audience truly hung on to each and every word of his various teachings, many the basis of his book, “The Soul of Leadership”. As a consummate teller of stories he reinforced that “a leader is the symbolic soul of a group.”

In addition to sharing his story, Deepak shared numerous acronyms which helped turn leadership concepts into easily remembered words or phrases. One which summed up much of his teaching of the day was L-E-A-D-E-R-S.


L = Look and Listen

E = Emotional Bonding

A = Awareness

D = Doing

E = Empowerment

R = Responsibility

S = Synchronicity


I suggest you pick up his book, “The Soul of Leadership” and flesh out some of these phrases further.


The Soul of Leadership
Deepak Chopra

Are You Gaming LinkedIn?

Boy Playing Video Game In Bedroom


Like many, I have been a member of LinkedIn for numerous years. I began initially to help out an unemployed friend, wanting to provide a recommendation to his profile. This grew a little more as I wanted a complete profile if anyone back tracked the recommendation.

The next step came as I began to to become more serious about building a personal platform. Although I read several books regarding the subject I became real serious as I read the book “Platform” by Michael Hyatt. As I slowly added additional planks to my platform including a blog, more and more content was added to my LinkedIn profile.

I am not sure when I transformed to the next level. At this level I slipped from adding content or giving endorsements to those I wanted to add value to. Eventually I began to look for those who at least had not disqualified themselves from such consideration. As the analytics continues to be tweaked providing feedback which pulled me further into what had almost become a game.

Yes, I had now elevated myself to “gaming” the system. The bait, first the the profile rating of “super star”, next analytics which result in scoring your profile hits against peers. With the software providing helpful hints to drive your hit rate it was too easy to get hooked. Follow another group or company, like a couple of more posts, make comments to posts, and eventually add contacts who you had no idea who they were.

Of course the result is spending more than the allotted time on LinkedIn, usually at the expense of more important activity. Time on my blog slipped a well as did numerous other higher priority activities. Well enough is enough. Below may be the highest my LinkedIn analytics will be driven as I recommit myself to a more balanced media approach to building and updating my platform.


You rank in the top 8% for profile views among your connections.

#92 out of 1,291increased 3% in the last 15 days


You rank in the top 7% for profile views among professionals like you.

#7 out of 98increased 7% in the last 15 days


You rank in the top 6% for profile views at (Your Group ?)

#40 out of 742increased 5% in the last 15 days


You rank in the top 1% for profile views at (Your Company ?).

#1 out of 43Your rank has held steady in the last 7 days


Moving forward I will continue to utilize LinkedIn as a s part of my personal and professional platform. I will however put it back into perspective. My activities will include:

  • Adding value to contacts by networking with them, adding endorsements, and recommendations.
  • Keeping my profile up to date to provide the best professional information to others.
  • Writing a post like this periodically.
  • Look for opportunities to further career or change careers.
  • Continue to use it to provide a fuller personal and professional platform.

All this will be done in moderation as all things in life sould be.

Are you gaming the software or do you have to evaluate your time in this community?

EMPOWERACTIVE2015 – Transforming Healthcare Into The Future

ENERGY MASTER PLANNING: Part II: Implementing your EMP

EMPOWERACTIVE 2015 – Transforming Healthcare into the Future – Conference and Tradeshow is an unprecedented, unparalleled philanthropic energy and healthcare education event. For three days, the energy and healthcare communities will unite to educate and revitalize the healthcare environment, culture, efficiency, & performance. Particularly remarkable and unique, funds raised from this conference and tradeshow will directly benefit 501(c)3 organization MedShare’s Container Program.

Date: June 17, 2015
Time: 2:35-3:05 p.m.
Appearance: EMPOWERACTIVE2015
Outlet: EMPOWERACTIVE2015 - Transforming Healthcare Into The Future
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Format: Other

Politician vs. Statesman

As the presidential race begins here in the United States, we should look at what the difference is between a politician and a statesman.

“These terms differ particularly in their connotations; Politician suggests the schemes and devices of a person who engages in (small) politics for party ends or for one’s own advantage; a dishonest politician.

Statesman suggests the eminent ability, foresight, and unselfish patriotic devotion of a person dealing with (important or great) affairs of state: a distinguished statesman.”

– Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, 360-Degree Leader, by John C. Maxwell

“I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows”

Grain Elevator with Storm


For approximately thirty five years I have been working in facilities management in the healthcare field. In those years it was our responsibility to provide a safe and functioning environment for those we serve. This meant preparing for anything that may happen internally to the facility or externally around it. To assure this planning included double redundancy for every key system and a policy or procedure for everything we could be called on to do.

I stumbled into this story which reminds me of the mind set with which we have to operate. Let me share this story by Reed H. Bradford.

“I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows”

       Some years ago Pres. J. Reuben Clark told the following story:  It was at the annual county fair, and farmers from far and near had come to exhibit their harvest and to engage hired hands for the next year.  One prosperous farmer came across a husky lad and asked:  “What can you do?”  The answer:  “I can sleep when the wind blows.”

       With such an answer the farmer turned and started to walk away, perturbed at the impudence of the man.  But he turned again and asked:  What did you say?”  “I can sleep when the wind blows.”

       “Well,” said the farmer, “I don’t know what that means, but I’m going to hire you anyway.”

       Winter came, followed by the usual spring, and the new hired hand didn’t show any particular signs of extra work, but filled the duties of his calling as most others would have done.

       And then one night in early summer the farmer noticed a strong wind rising.  He dashed to the hired hand’s quarters to arouse him to see that all the stock was properly cared for.  There he found the hired hand asleep.  He was about to awaken him, when he remembered the boy’s strange statement.

       He went to his barns and there found all his animals in their places, and the doors and windows securely locked.  He found the haystack had been crisscrossed with heavy wires, anticipating such a night, and that it would weather the storm.

       Then the farmer knew what his hired man meant when he gave as his only qualification, “I can sleep when the wind blows.”

Adapted from Albert L. Zobell, Jr. Story Teller’s Scrapbook; Bookcraft, SLC, Utah 1948: pages 111, 112.


Those of us who take our profession seriously will always have some weak chink in the armor of our facility, or our abilities. These may keep us up some nights but let’s work toward being able to “sleep when the wind blows”.

“A good leader must sometimes be stubborn. Armed with the courage of his convictions, he must often fight to defend them. When he has come to a decision after thorough analysis – and when he is sure he is right – he must stick to it, even to the point of stubbornness.”

– General Omar N. Bradley

NJ Militay Academy Website

2015 HFMSNJ All Day Seminar & Trade Show



Thursday, 6/18/15

7:30 AM- 4:30 PM


Galloping Hill Inn

1085 Galloping Hill Road, Union NJ 07083



David Uhaze: Chief of Construction Project Review, NJ Department of Community Affairs

 Michael Corbett: OSHA-Compliance Assistance Specialist

Vincent J. Paladino: Director of Building Air Leakage Assessment and Remediation Specialist.

Steve Feroli: Account Manager, Power & Process Control Division of Control Associates, Inc.  Specialize in control valves, regulators, controls and steam specialties.



HFMSNJ or ASHE Affiliated Chapter Members: $100.00 Non-Members: $150.00




PO Box 95, Cranford NJ 07016

Checks must be received by Friday, 6/12/15*


Click below to include your application document:

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Facility Managers, Directors of Engineering and Maintenance, Administrators, Safety and Security Directors, Risk Managers and individuals responsible for compliance. Architects, Engineers, Contractors, & everyone involved in Healthcare Construction. Attendees will obtain up-to-date information in the areas of Facilities Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Construction of Healthcare Facilities

Date: June 18, 2015
Time: 07:30 - 4:30pm
Event: 2015 HFMSNJ All Day Seminar & Trade Show
Topic: TBA
Sponsor: Healthcare Facilities Management Society of New Jersey
Venue: Galloping Hill Inn
(908) 686-2683
Location: 325 Chestnut Street
Union, NJ 07083
Public: Public

11-Year Old Boy in Normandy – A Late Memorial Day Tribute

Just in Time for the Normandy Anniversary


If you never watch another forward I send, PLEASE take a minute to watch this.   This is a truly moving video.  Here is one youngster who truly appreciates the price of the freedom that we have. It is this young man and the few like him who hold the future of this nation in their hands.  Thanks….

 For those that have served their  country and those that have not, you’ll appreciate what an 11 year boy did in  Normandy.  Incredible video.

II Year Old at Normandy Video