Don’t Say Whatever!

It means you don't care.





Sometimes we learn from those younger than us. That is the case of the often used response “whatever“. My oldest grandson Alex has been known to correct extended family members from using the word “whatever“. His explanation, “whatever means you don’t care.” And of course the assumption is that we should always care.

Great reminder for each of us.




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Ten Nervous Habits That Will Damage Your Career – Forbes

Here are ten nervous habits that can hurt your relationships and slow down your career progress:

  1. The habit of multi-tasking when you should be concentrating on the person you’re interacting with, and the words they say.

  2. The habit of automatically saying “I’m sorry” when you have nothing to apologize for.

  3. The habit of saying “Yes” whenever someone you work with needs help.

  4. The habit of taking work home.

  5. The habit of judging your success or failure at work based on your manager’s emotional state.

  6. The habit of ending your sentences with “If you guys agree” or “If that’s okay.”

  7. The habit of allowing people to interrupt you in your work.

  8. The habit of responding to every text and email the minute you receive it, no matter what the hour of day.

  9. The habit of skipping lunch to get a little more work done.

  10. The habit of avoiding conflict by telling people “Whatever you want” when you strongly disagree.


 – Liz Ryan is the CEO and founder of Human Workplace.


10 Nervous Habits Video



Do you have any of these habits that you have to break yourself of?

Is this habit holding you back?


Definition of DRI?

What is the definition of DRI?




As used at Apple by Steve Jobs.


Question: At business meetings, do you always determine the DRI?

Welcoming New Employees


I found this suggestion for making a new employee feel welcomed to their new position. This company doesn’t just provide some hand me down office equipment.


Question: How good do you think this employee feels on their first day?


Helps put Goals and Tasks in Perspective


Goals can be energizing – when you win.

But a vision is more powerful than a goal. A vision is enlivening,

It’s spirit-giving, it’s the guiding force behind all great endeavors,

Vision is about shared energy, a sense of awe, a sense of possibility.

– Benjamin Zander, Conductor, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

Over the last several weeks I have been studying, trying to understand how vision goes much further than goals alone. I stumbled on to one explanation. Vision gives significance to the otherwise meaningless details. Most of us have heard the example of the stone mason building a cathedral. The mason knew he was not simply laying a block; no he was building a cathedral.

Watching the catastrophic flooding once again decimating Louisiana another example came to mind. While shoveling sand into sand bags, do the workers have a bigger purpose in mind? Are they merely filling a sand bag, building a dike, or do they see even beyond that worthy goal. Are they saving their parish (town)?

Filling sand bags (task)


Building a dike (goal)


Saving their town (vision)



As you work, what vision is big enough to put the proper perspective on all we do? Perspective for focusing the goals you establish and the tasks you work on?



Andy Stanley
Crown Publishing Group
P. 41

The Power of the Other – Webcast




The Power of the Other Webcast will stream in high definition from The Farm SOHO in NYC on May 13, 2016 from 9 am – 12 pm EST. The event will consist of Dr. Cloud teaching from The Power of the Other, as well as interviews with special guests Rorke Denver, Navy SEAL CMDR, and Ginger Hardage, former Senior Vice President of Culture at Southwest Airlines. The focus of the event will be getting more out of your personal and professional lives by understanding the powerful effect other people have on the trajectory of your lives

We are hosting this original screening in our sanctuary and it is an event you do not want to miss. Although all costs have been underwritten, you are requested to register at or e-mail Hank Schuurman at to assist with planning for your attendance. We hope to see you there.


POO book

Date: May 13, 2016
Time: 9:00am-12:00noon
Event: The Power of the Other - Webcast
Sponsor: Hank Schuurman
Venue: Cedar Hill CRC
Location: 422 Cedar Hill Ave.
Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

Keeping a Diary–A Great Idea for Caregivers
April 22, 2016

hand writes with a pen in a notebook

“The art of self-care is sometimes all too easily lost with many caregivers. Those who pour out their time, resources, and hearts caring for someone else often forget to take the time to tend to their own personal needs.

Journaling has been a form of self-care used in many scenarios with promising benefits. Stuckey and Nobel report in The American Journal of Public Health that researchers have concluded that there are both psychological and physical health benefits to expressive writing.

Keeping a diary to express one’s thoughts and feelings is a great idea for both family and professional caregivers to release stress and better cope. Here are some reasons why and tips for getting started.”

  1. Freedom is Found in Journaling 
  2.  Benefits of Journaling 
  3. Ways to Get Started Journaling 


Keeping a Diary–A Great Idea for Caregivers

Ten Good Reasons To Kill Performance Reviews

Forbes / Leadership - Ten Good Reasons To Kill Performance Reviews by Liz Ryan
Feb 29, 2016

Interestingly I am in the process of helping a small not for profit administer a performance review for its senior staff person. With a board who are not that familiar with the process it has been difficult to perform a meaningful review on a timely re-occurring basis. As I worked through the linked post, I find myself thinking maybe we should not be performing one. Are we wasting our time in what can be a non-productive exercise. In here post Liz Ryan shares why that may be true.

Here are ten reasons why:

  1. They Don’t Work

  2. They’re Too Expensive

  3. They’re Not Consistent

  4. They’re Backward-Looking When You Should Be Facing Forward

  5. They Damage Teamwork

  6. They Don’t Document What They’re Supposed to Document

  7. They’re A Solution In Search Of A Problem

  8. They’re Not Necessary To Lead Your Team

  9. They Hurt Your Team’s Momentum

  10. Everyone Hates Them

Click the Link to receive the details behind this statement and a few brief suggestions of how to manage your team without performance reviews. Hopefully it involves as much thought as it did for me.


Link to Ten Good Reasons To Kill Performance Reviews by Liz Ryan

Making the Most of Your Conference Experience

Senior Housing Forum
February 22, 2016

Periodically I have written posts regarding making the most of your time when you go to conferences. One of the blog sites I have forwarded to me each day is the Senior Housing Forum by Steve Moran. I met Steve at last year’s Senior Living Innovation Forum which is hosted by the Influence Group. At this forum which is structure more like a retreat, Steve participated in several panel discussions as moderator. Take a look at “Making the Most of Your NIC Spring Conference Experience” for several ideas he shares regarding attending conferences and getting the most from your time and effort.

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What is that one more lead or call worth?

Senior Housing Forum
January 27, 2016

Many times we are reminded that in sales the successful person is the one who makes that one or more additional call before calling it a day. One of the blog sites I follow, Senior Housing Forum provides an example of how unanswered or slowly answered calls, can make the difference of filling the facility. In an industry or sector that averages a 15% vacancy rate, that provides a 15% increase in revenue. Almost all of this goes to the bottom line since much of your overhead does not change regardless of the census.

Take a look particularly how the math compounds relatively small numbers when looked at on an annual basis. How would this equate to capturing just a few more leads each week in your particular business?


“The average assisted living community only follows up on about half of all inbound leads within the first week.”

  By Tom Goldman, COO, SoftVu


I first met Steve Moran and becoming aware of the Senior Housing Forum while attending the 2015 Senior Living Innovation Forum hosted by the Influence Group. Steve moderated a panel discussion with several thought leaders in the Senior Living Industry and is well versed in asking great questions. It was a privilege to be invited to attend and given the opportunity to meet peers and facilitate a small work shop “Building – How to be Agile in a Market That’s Slow to Adapt?” . Since the Senior Living Innovation Forum is structure more like a smaller scaled niche retreat, it was possible to get to know most of the attendees on a more personal basis. In the case of Steve it was a true please to get to see him interact with his peers in the Senior Living sector, as he is a true personality standing out in the crowd.