Why Create and Contribute?

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I recently unpacked some materials received for the coming Leadercast 2016 which I am hosting. In this shipment was the most recent book written by one of my favorite thought leader Seth Godin. The title What To Do When It’s Your Turn grabbed me immediately so I just had to do a quick flip though the book before performing a thorough reading.

Filled with thought provoking pictures and bold headlines the following words jumped out at me. HOW MUCH DO YOU GET PAID TO WATCH TV?  You see I have been spending entirely too much time veg’ing out in front of the TV, too tired and needing to chill out rather than doing anything worth while instead.

On the facing page was an equally grabbing half page snippet regarding creating and contributing, noting that our attitude toward these endeavors had sadly changes. Since Seth is the one known for his words and not me, here in his words:


“Sometimes people ask why they should create or contribute if they’re not going to get paid for it. They hesitate to write a novel if no publisher will pay them for it, and they sneer at the mere amateur who does what he does for love, not for money.

We’ve commercialized all the things that used to be passions. You’re supposed to get paid to be a sculptor or a golfer, a writer or an impresario, the creator of projects.

And if we’re getting paid for these intellectual pursuits, then we’re taught we ought to treat them the way workers in the industrialized world have been trained to treat their jobs – with distain, with an awareness that we ought to do less foe more. What a shame, what a foolish way to dishonor our humanity.

Instead, just for a moment, imagine what would happen if we decided to create and connect merely because we love it. It turns out that acting as if we love it creates the environment where that might actually happen.”


I hope this brief snippet is enough to turn my counterproductive use of time veg’ing out in front of the TV. Is it enough for you?





What will you replace your non productive time with?

My partial list:

  • Spend quality time with my wife and family.
  • Volunteer to do something for church or non profit.
  • Reading a book from my long list of “get to sometime.”
  • Study to become better versed in my profession.
  • Write a blog, whether to post or not.
  • Follow the writings or podcasts of the thought leaders I follow.
What To Do When It's Your Turn (and it's always your turn)
Seth Godin
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