Backstage Live – Latest Look

Support cables for the scenes of the theaterI am way over due updating some of my backstage information. Part of that is the winter months became real busy and my time blogging was diminished. In addition I spent some time recovering form an attack by malware and have to admit I am still not on top of things. Being a hobby blogger does not always allow the time or resources to assign to the task of rebuilding things.

I became aware of the Malware when the company I had contracted to provide security to the site gave me a call. What I could not understand was the double talk of why I was not truly protected. Apparently the fee I paid covered them “monitoring” for problems but not intercepting or fixing the issue. This was offered at a substantial increase in monthly subscription beyond the point I could justify it as a hobbyist. Having no other option, I upgraded without being able to justify it business wise.

Several days later I received a call that the issue was taken care of and continued on blogging with several features yet to be figured out. These include it becoming tricky to load up media pictures at times. About the time I was going to cancel my upgraded service (as suggested by the tech), a second call regarding another malware attack was received. I do not want to think conspiracy or creating a need for my coverage, but it does make me wonder.

Having started the site at the end of May 2014, we currently have about nine months of experience and data. Once I get to a year, I am thinking of resetting the statistics and put together monthly or quarterly posting of the data. For now I will report it as a total tabulation.

Since the point of blogging is to reach and influence others, one of my most interesting statistics is the total visitors (people coming on the site) and visits (number of page hits). Visitors = 171,000 and Visits = 906,000. This averages just fewer than 1,000 visitors and 10,000 to 12,000 visits a day. At that rate we should have more than one million hits the first year. Users or subscribers are a different category with just over 39,000 currently signed up.


This traffic has come from 157 countries which is approximately 80% of those recognized by the United Nations. In order of number of hits, here are the top ten countries.

  1. United States
  2. China
  3. France
  4. Sweden
  5. Germany
  6. Canada
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Netherlands
  9. Romania
  10. Italy


Those coming to the site have used the following Browsers.

  1. Chrome 32%
  2. Foxfire 24%
  3. Opera 15%
  4. MSIE 13%
  5. Safari 6%
  6. PHP 5%


Top 5 Pages by Visits

  1. Take A Peak Back Stage Visits: 67,253
  2. Lead, Follow, Get Out of the Way; Your call! Visits: 28,413
  3. Making a Difference Visits: 23,832
  4. My Personal Leadership View Point Visits: 12, 043
  5. Not Everything Counts! Visits: 7,962


Thanks again to everyone for showing up and making the site a success at least numerically. Hopefully it adds positively to other’s loves.


Leadership coach, trainer, and speaker

Currently working in healthcare as the VP of Facilities Development for a large long term care facility in northern New Jersey. Recently became certified by John Maxwell to coach, train, and speak using his material. This has led to working with individuals and organizations wanting to raise their level of leadership and over all performance. Finding that to be a real passion, the blog / web site has become a platform to share thoughts and resources that have been found to be helpful.